Top 10 (or 11) Signs from God

I hate to admit this, but I think your little invisible friend Jesus has been following me.

Well, at least his shitty marketing campaign has. Goddamn those religious marketing minions stalk me as bad as Lying Nazi VWads on the Google.

And if you think about it, god’s communication with us has been going downhill.

  • Adam got to hold hands with him like it was a gay weekend on Fire Island

  • Moses had a burning bush

  • Paul got a shining light on the road to Damascus.

  • We (that’s you and me) get shitty church signs and bumper stickers.

Jesus Saves Used Tires

So I compiled a list of my personal “Signs from God”, and I took a shot at what the almighty is trying to tell us.

I’ll call it the Top 10, but there’s 11 of ’em.