Hooray for Hooters

It had been a long day and a half in a crowded room listening to stories about work while not getting any work done.  I couldn't wait to head over to Hooters. It had been built in our imaginations like a combination of Camelot and Plato's Retreat.  It was the first Hooters in the state -- newly opened in downtown Phoenix.

Religion and Abortion

Let's start this rant on a topic no one wants to discuss:   Abortion and fucking religion. (This is why I only get invited to Savage dinner parties -- nobody wants to listen to this bullshit). Specifically, I'm talking about the Christian fucking religion.

Being Defensive

Despite dropping rates of violent crime, Americans are ever more paranoid. The news keeps telling us about murders, home invasions and car jackings... So people adopt this mental defensive crouch like we are Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. But actual crime rates have been dropping since the 1960's.