Happy Fucking Father’s Day

Sunday it was somewhere between a hundred and a billion degrees, so I got up at dawn and went cycling before the sun melted the blacktop. About 3 hours later, I get home breathing hard, coated in sweaty salt and smelling like a dead muskox.

The Bear Revealed

The Bear found out about this Bullshit Blog this past weekend. And guess what mother fuckers, I'm still alive. That goddamn Lewis Black almost got me killed. He reads a couple VW rants which refer to "the bear" and just has to interject "that's his wife." Stick to the script, shit head. If he had … Continue reading The Bear Revealed

The Bear

When I was young, the kind of shitheads I used to hang around said things like: "I can't see being married and waking up next to the same woman every day."