Aywaska U

Please stop trying to expand my mind.  Maybe it's just me, but every where I turn people are talking about psychedelics like I'm doing something wrong because I haven't tripped balls with a Peruvian Guru. Shaman, sorry, Peruvian fucking shaman.

Cussing Makes Me Better Than You

There's more and more research to show that cussing makes you: Smarter Stronger More Honest Tolerate More Pain A Better Communicator Reduce your level of Stress You know, just a better fucking person than all those stuck up assholes who act all butt hurt when you tell them their religion is bullshit.

Fuck Free College

Bernie, AOC and some of the new flaming liberals have a long list of shit they want to change.  I'm with them on most of it, but not one -- free college. Fuck Free College.  We don't want a repeat of senior year in high school with bored kids hanging out in the classroom to avoid the working week.