Smart-Ass Car

I traded in a liar and got a smart ass. I am happier now -- the Lying Nazi Bullshit Diesel is dead.  My new Honda Civic is "nice," but these god damn "smart car" features make me want to strip to my bathrobe and scream "get off my lawn".

One Nazi Wiper

My Lying Nazi Bullshit Diesel is going to Volkswagen hell, one part at a time. The latest part to do the dance of the damned was the front wiper

Gas Station TV

The Lying Nazi Bullshit Diesel is really fucking picky about which diesel you put in it. I once stopped at a corner station in Tucson and 3 hours later the Lying Nazi came to a coughing halt. The dealer said it had "dirty diesel" -- like it's fucking AC/DC (dirty diesel done dirt cheap). Apparently … Continue reading Gas Station TV