Who's a Racist

Everything you have ever learned about race is bullshit. Race doesn’t exist. It’s a false pattern that people made up to segregate, control and abuse each other.

Don’t believe me? Read this shit: http://www.newsweek.com/there-no-such-thing-race-283123

DNA strand - Guess the race of this person

The basic concept is that if race was “real”, it could be measured. Scientists could look at a DNA sample and list the person’s race. But they can’t.

They can’t even look at a large group of people and all agree on the individual race for each person based on looks, or blood type, or DNA or any other fucking criteria you want to set.

For those of you saying: “I can tell people’s races just by looking at them.”

No you can’t. No one can. They have studied that shit too.

People with the same biological parents can be segregated by “race” because of their “looks.” You might be able to guess for 10-20 individuals, but no one can do it “perfectly” for any large number of people. If race was real, it could be applied consistently and objectively.

Scientists have known this for a long time. The proof that race isn’t real has been peer-reviewed and published since the 1950’s. It’s a scientific fact like the Sun burns hydrogen, and the Earth is round.

Still don’t believe it? Read about how $10 million Americans “switched” races in the last census. If race was biological, no one could just switch teams in mid-season. It would be like your dog suddenly deciding it was a cat. No surgery, no drugs. The dog all of sudden just starts purring and acting all superior and shit.

Unfortunately, as a group humans fall somewhere on the scale between douchebags and assholes. So they make bullshit assumptions or flat out lies about groups of people that look similar and then stick to it like bubble gum sticks to a cheerleader’s hair. (Sorry Molly Z. I was spitting it toward the trash can and you moved your big blonde head).

Just enough of the lies “feel” true. We start to believe
African-Americans are “natural” athletes, Asians are good at math and the Irish are just a bunch of fucking fat drunks. But don’t let those pasty losers with their feet on the rail at Tipsy McStaggers in Michigan, fool you. We are not all like that.

And those false beliefs have some real fucking consequences when it comes to getting a loan, buying a home or how often you get stopped, searched or beaten by the police.

So if race isn’t genetic, what the fuck is it?

It’s a social construct — meaning it’s basically bullshit we tell ourselves for a 100-different reasons.

Some could be positive — building social connections to people of similar backgrounds or defining people who have been and are being discriminated against and creating ways to overcome that discrimination.

Most are negative. “I didn’t get that job because I’m White, and they have a quota.”

And this bullshit is like a deeply-rooted olive tree, if you let it grow too long, it will break into your waterline or suck the shit out of your sewer.

So who’s a racist?

Everybody I have ever met, because when I say that race isn’t real they all lose their shit and try to deny it.

Even if they accept the science, that’s far from fighting off the unconscious bias and other bullshit that divides us.

The people you know are not any different, so who’s a racist?

We all are.

Step 1 in reducing racism, is knowing that. Once we accept that what our “gut” tells us or what we think we “know” is bullshit. Then the real conversation and understanding can begin.

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